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Didmeninė prekyba avalyne ir drabužiais

Address: V. Landsbergio-Žemkalnio g. 22, LT-49267 Kaunas.
Categories: footwear; clothing; sport and tourism goods; wholesale.
Greater Outdoors

Address: Ozo g. 18, LT-08243 Vilnius.
Categories: clothing; children goods; entertainment and leisure; footwear; import; online stores; retail; sport and tourism goods; wholesale.
HIATUS – Columbia, Sorel, Didriksons
Didmeninė prekyba drabužiais, avalyne, aksesuarais

Address: Žalioji g. 1, Eišiškės, LT-17176 Šalčininkų r.
Categories: clothing; children goods; export; footwear; haberdashery; import; wholesale.
DSP Plius
Darbo saugos priemonės

Address: Kalvarijų g. 124, LT-08211 Vilnius.
Categories: work clothes; cleaning services; clothing; consulting services; fire safety systems; footwear; hygiene goods; labour safety; retail; wholesale.
Darbo apranga, darbinė avalynė, darbo priemonės

Address: Tėvo Stanislovo g. 1-2, LT-82157 Radviliškis.
Categories: work clothes; advertising services; clothing; consulting services; footwear; hygiene goods; labour safety; online stores; retail; wholesale.
MB "Glovė" sales : "Gaston Mille" - high quality specialised and work shoes (France), "Showa" - high quality gloves (Japan), "Helly-Hansen" - high quality work shoes (Norway), "Helly-Hansen"- high quality workwear (Norway), High quality Lithuania made workwear.
Pirmas žingsnis, UAB
Ortopedijos prekės

Address: Vytauto g. 155, LT-00163 Palanga.
Categories: medical equipment; footwear; health care institutions; leather products; manufacturing; plastic, rubber and its products; retail.
Vytauto Krištopaičio įmonė

Address: Ventos g. 154 A, Kuršėnai, LT-81171 Šiaulių r.
Categories: transportation; clothing; food stores; footwear; retail.
The company started operations in 1998 and works in three areas: transport and logistics services, retail and wholesale food, retail and wholesale clothing and footwear. With 24 years of successful business experience, we can offer our partners high quality local and international transportation services. We are...
DND Talis

Address: Verslo g. 11, Grigaičių k., LT-11236 Vilniaus r.
Categories: clothing; footwear; labour safety; sewing, materials; work clothes.
UAB “DND TALIS” - is a company which has a great experience in the production and marketing of working clothes and personal protective equipment. didelę patirtį darbo rūbų ir asmens apsaugos priemonių gamyboje ir prekyboje turinti įmonė. Since 1999 we are successfully working in the Baltic market, as wholesale and...
Limarto LT

Address: Kolektyvo g. 15-20, LT-08314 Vilnius.
Categories: footwear; online stores; retail; wholesale.
M&M Trade Lt

Address: Manufaktūrų g. 3, LT-11342 Vilnius.
Categories: work clothes; air transport, aviation; clothing; footwear.

Address: S. Nėries g. 66F, LT-70171 Vilkaviškis.
Categories: metal, processing, products; clothing; footwear; online stores; wholesale.
Address: Sudervės g. 8J, Avižienių k., LT-14192 Vilniaus r.
Categories: fishing and hunting equipment; clothing; footwear; sport and tourism goods.
The widest selection of fishing tackle from well-known manufacturers and many more nice details at the best price-quality ratio - you will find it all in the fishing, leisure and tourism store ROVANA. 1996 founded ROVANA has been successfully operating for 26 years. The accumulated vast experience and the choice of...
Address: Laisvės pr. 125, LT-06118 Vilnius.
Categories: footwear.
Address: Plento g. 20A, LT-45400 Kaunas.
Categories: clothing; footwear; retail; wholesale.
RePlaza is textile sorting company. We sort ~150 t/month in own textile sorting facility. High quality (Cream) second hand clothes for shop sales (retailers ; online sales) New STOCK clothes ; Returns from Retailers high quality clothing for shop sale Textile recycling company ; Textil sorting company Africa bales...
Address: Jasinskio g. 14A, LT-01112 Vilnius.
Categories: sport and tourism goods; clothing; footwear; retail.
Address: Ukmergės g. 362, LT-14311 Vilnius.
Categories: clothing; footwear.
Apranga Group is a leading fashion retailer in the Baltic States which has partnerships with the most famous European and global brands. Apranga Group is consisted of main company Apranga APB and 22 subsidiary companies. Main company Apranga APB is listed on Nasdaq Vilnius Stock Exchange since 1997. Starting from...
Pirk Lt
Address: Vilnius, LT-03163 Vilnius.
Categories: online stores; clothing; connection and telecommunication services; cosmetic, parfumery; footwear; furniture (trade).
Pirk.lt - shop with a wide range of products and services from daily consumption items up to luxury goods. Our strength - qualified customer service and competitive range of prices in Lithuania. Purchased goods are delivered to the customers selected and most convenient pick-up point. Order online - www.pirk.lt or...

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