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Mailius, įžuvinimas, žvejyba, eco produkcija

Address: Arvydai, LT-15200 Vilniaus r.
Categories: fishing and hunting equipment; bathes and bath equipment; entertainment and leisure; fishery, fish products; machinery, equipment, rental; wholesale.
Žvejyba Kirneilio ežere
Limituotos žvejybos leidimai

Address: Ežerų g. 8, Luokesos sen., Kaulakiai, LT-33163 Molėtų r.
Categories: fishing and hunting equipment; entertainment and leisure; event organization; fishery, fish products.
Fishing in a natural KIRNEILIS lake in Moletai. Tench, Northern pike, Wels catfish, Catfish, Sheatfish, Eel, Perch, Bream, Rudd. Tench fishing, Pike fishing, Catfish fishing, Sheatfish fishing, Eel fishing, Perch fishing, Bream fishing, Rudd fishing.
FIŠ, Kuršių delta

Address: Kuršių g. 11, Kintai, LT-99358 Šilutės r.
Categories: fishery, fish products; coffee-bars, nightclubs, bars, restaurants; countryside tourism; fishing and hunting equipment; hotels, motels.
Company UAB "KINTAI" is aquaculture company, which mainly focuses in fish growing. Company is located in Nemunas delta regional park and operates ponds of 600 hectares, there we grow carp, bighead carp, sturgeon, amur, trout. Majority of Kintai fish is sold in Lithuania and Baltic countries. Since 2015 company...
gytsta fish

Address: Šlaito g. 9, LT-57150 Kėdainiai.
Categories: feed, food for animals; fishery, fish products; retail; wholesale.
UAB "Gytsta" - commercial sign "Gytsta fish" produces and sells a valuabe extruded fish feed for catfish, strugeon, trout and etc. "Adena" fish feed has a specially high quality and is used to feed fish during the whole year both at open and closes circulation systems. "Adena" fish feed is being produced in several...
Address: Tilžės g. 51, LT-91260 Klaipėda.
Categories: fishery, fish products.
frozen fish, frozen fish wholesale, fish wholesale, frozen and fresh fish, frozen fish Lithuania, frozen fish wholesale Lithuania, fish wholesale Lithuania,
Erum International
Address: Mainų g. 6-3, LT-94101 Klaipėda.
Categories: online stores; fishery, fish products.
Since 2009 being in the market of ornamental ponds, during the years we expanded our activity and today we offer products and services for professionals and hobbyists: Professional equipment for fish farming Equipment for ponds, pools, aquariums PVC pipes and fittings Automatic irrigation systems Erum International...
A. Valinsko tvenkiniai
Arūno Valinsko tvenkiniai

Address: Pranciškonų g. 4A-12, LT-01133 Vilnius.
Categories: fishing and hunting equipment; entertainment and leisure; fishery, fish products.
Fishing in Lithuania.
Geri produktai
Pilnas puodas

Address: Aušros g. 47, LT-28193 Utena.
Categories: food products; ecological products; fishery, fish products; meat and meat products.
Quality in time

Address: Kanto g. 18-306, LT-44297 Kaunas.
Categories: wholesale; fishery, fish products; frozen food; retail.
Wholesale and retail of frozen fish and seafood.
Išlaužo žuvis
Address: Išlaužas, Prienų r.
Categories: fishery, fish products.
Address: Sudeikių g. 6, Vasaknų k., LT-32311 Zarasų r.
Categories: fishery, fish products.
Koi tvenkiniai ir kriokliai
Address: Šakėnų k. 12, Šakėnai, LT-96292 Klaipėdos r.
Categories: landscaping; building services; fishery, fish products; retail.
Address: Jiesios g. 6, Ilgakiemio k., LT-53288 Kauno r.
Categories: fishery, fish products; manufacturing.
Trade & Logistic

Address: I. Kanto g. 18, LT-44296 Kaunas.
Categories: fishery, fish products; frozen food; retail; wholesale.
Wholesale and retail trade of frozen fish and seafood. All logistics services.
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mailius.info - įžuvinimas, mailius, žuvys

Address: Kunkių g. 12-8, Kunkių k., LT-92382 Klaipėdos r.
Categories: fishery, fish products; corporations, unions, committees, foundations.

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