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Santechnikos prekės ir internetinė prekyba

Address: Stoties g. 5, LT-90115 Plungė.
Categories: plumbing; bathes and bath equipment; building materials; clothing; concrete products; economy goods; electroinstallation materials; fasteners, elements; fireplaces, stoves; furniture (trade); heating, equipment; industrial equipment; interior materials; lighting; metal, processing, products; online stores; other activities; pipework equipment, wastewater treatment; retail; roofs, coverings, services; sport and tourism goods; ventilation and conditioning services; wholesale.
A PRECIA MOLEN Group Company

Address: Maciuičiai, LT-96159 Klaipėdos r.
Categories: industrial equipment; agriculture, machinery; agriculture, services; cereals, agriculture; designing; elevators, lifts; feed, food for animals; fireplaces, stoves; food production and processing equipment; manufacturing; measurments, devices; metal, processing, products; technological equipment; warehouses.
WE DESIGN YOUR IDEAS JSC MILVITEKA specialists can carry out professional consultations for implementation of your project. We design and manufacture the most complex tasks. We have implemented more than 100 different projects in Lithuania and Europe. JSC MILVITEKA main activities Development, manufacture and...
Internetinė prekyba

Address: Verkių g. 30B, LT-08221 Vilnius.
Categories: heating, equipment; bathes and bath equipment; compressors, pumps; fireplaces, stoves; online stores; plumbing; retail; ventilation and conditioning services; wholesale.
Turėklų, tvorų, vartų gamyba

Address: Jovarų g. 10, Eigirgalos k., LT-54341 Kauno r.
Categories: gates; building services; doors, locks, keys; fireplaces, stoves; furniture (manufacturing); glass and glassware; interior materials; manufacturing; metal construction; metal, processing, products; welding equipment; windows.
Metal works and constructions. Not standard metal works for different spheres of industry. Smithery works.
Santechnika, šildymas, vėdinimas

Address: Drobės g. 25C, LT-45191 Kaunas.
Categories: plumbing; building services; designing; engineering networks; fire safety systems; fireplaces, stoves; heating, equipment; other activities; pipework equipment, wastewater treatment; thermal insolation, renovation.
Buitiniai, pramoniniai katilai, katilinės

Address: Pramonės g. 15, LT-78137 Šiauliai.
Categories: heating, equipment; bathes and bath equipment; fireplaces, stoves; industrial equipment; manufacturing; metal, processing, products; technological equipment.
UAB "Kalvis" is one of the largest steel processing plants in Lithuania that exports it‘s products into many countries of the world. It all began in 1961 when Šiauliai TV set manufacturing plant "Tauras" was found together with the workshop of non standard equipment manufacturing. The workshop designed and...
Address: Žirnių g. 30-1, LT-02120 Vilnius.
Categories: tombstones, monuments; building materials; building services; facade, decoration; fireplaces, stoves; floors, floor coverings; manufacturing; stone products; walls, ceiling.
Our main production: tombstones Internal, external elevations kitchentops windows sills fireplaces stairs, steps floor pillars cubs
Abara group
Šildymo, vėdinimo ir ventiliacijos įranga

Address: Raudondvario pl. 91, LT-47184 Kaunas.
Categories: automation; building services; fireplaces, stoves; freezing equipment; heating, equipment; plumbing; retail; ventilation and conditioning services; wholesale.
Address: Stoties g. 20A-7, LT-90114 Plungė.
Categories: metal, processing, products; building services; fireplaces, stoves; roofs, coverings, services.
KOTŁOSPAW katilų atstovas Lietuvoje

Address: Rytinio Kelio g. 13, LT-75122 Šilalė.
Categories: heating, equipment; building administration; building materials; building services; engineering networks; fireplaces, stoves; pipework equipment, wastewater treatment; plumbing; retail; thermal insolation, renovation; ventilation and conditioning services; wholesale.
Akmens sala
Paminklų gamyba, akmens gaminiai

Address: A. Vienuolio g. 12, LT-29147 Anykščiai.
Categories: stone products; fireplaces, stoves; manufacturing; tombstones, monuments.
City-Line LT

Address: Kuršių g. 2F, LT-03153 Vilnius.
Categories: ventilation and conditioning services; fireplaces, stoves; freezing equipment; heating, equipment; plumbing.
Services: •Conditioning, installation of air conditioners •Ventilation, ventilation systems installation •Design, staffing, maintenance •Trade ventilation, air conditioning, rekuperavimo equipment and accessories •Consulting •Online shop - ventilation, heating, conditioning: www.specdarbai.lt
Krosnys ir Krosnelės
Address: P. Lukšio g. 32, LT-08222 Vilnius.
Categories: fireplaces, stoves; heating, equipment; interior materials.
Our company "KROSNYS IR KROSNELĖS" began its activity in 1996. We are official representatives of the companies well-known in the whole world which manufacture only a high-quality production. We offer a wide range of Danish, German, Italien, Belgian, fireplace hearths and stoves, various accessories: wood holders...

Address: Varpo g. 22-7, LT-51363 Kaunas.
Categories: fireplaces, stoves; online stores.
SIMKA GROUP is doing wholesale and retail trade of various goods. STILIAUS offers high quality biofireplaces at affordable price. Fireplaces meet quality and safety standards. We can also offer luxury furniture and lighting equipment.
Kachel keramika
Address: Rytų g. 14A, LT-51361 Kaunas.
Categories: ceramic products; export; fireplaces, stoves; manufacturing.
We are manufacturing hand-made custom glazed tiles (in other languages known as: kachel, kakel or stufe) for fireplaces and stoves.We are central fabrication company working with our business partners in whole Europe. Our services cover whole range of kacheln manufacturing process. We develop kacheln from A to Z...
Address: Ozo g. 20-12, LT-07151 Vilnius.
Categories: gates; blinds, curtains, roller shades; doors, locks, keys; fireplaces, stoves; manufacturing.
Address: Žiedų skg. 8, LT-91227 Klaipėda.
Categories: fireplaces, stoves; heating, equipment; ventilation and conditioning services.
We are with You for 27 years, because: We – a small company, so we can offer you more individual solutions; To us is very important that our customers are happy. Why? Quite simply, we love happy customers; We also important that every work would be carried very well, because that makes not only happy customer but a...
Address: Hipodromo g. 46-31, LT-45136 Kaunas.
Categories: building materials; building services; fireplaces, stoves; interior materials; stone products.

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