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Skolų išieškojimas

Address: A. Juozapavičiaus g. 7, LT-09311 Vilnius.
Categories: debt recovery; finance services; legal services.
GELVORA provides services involving all the process of credit administration of legal and natural persons: • credit reports about Lithuanian and foreign companies; • monitoring; • online information about companies in Lithuania; • collection stamp; • financial settlement control; • debt collection; • writing off...
Skolų pirkimas. Skolų išieškojimas.

Address: Antano Tumėno g. 4-1101, LT-01109 Vilnius.
Categories: debt recovery; consulting services; finance services; legal services.
Advokatų kontora Marcinkevičius ir partneriai

Address: Totorių g. 5-7, LT-01121 Vilnius.
Categories: legal services; accounting services; consulting services; debt recovery.
Antstolio Valdo Zubino kontora
Antstolio paslaugos Kaune ir Kauno rajone

Address: A. Mickevičiaus g. 50, LT-44244 Kaunas.
Categories: bailiffs; debt recovery; legal services.
Ekskomisarų biuras
Address: Eigulių g. 14, LT-03150 Vilnius.
Categories: security services; debt recovery; fire safety systems; indoor security systems.
Legal Balance
Address: Žalgirio g. 90, LT-09303 Vilnius.
Categories: debt recovery; legal services.
LEGAL BALANCE- is a lawtech company providing debt collection and legal advice to individuals and legal entities since 2010. In 2016 we presented the first, unique remote debt management and registration platform in the Baltic States, www.eskolos.lt In 2018, we created an electronic legal services platform...
Verslo administravimo ir teisės paslaugų biuras
Verslas ir teisė

Address: Rinktinės g. 55, LT-09207 Vilnius.
Categories: appraisers; company establishment; consulting services; debt recovery; financial intermediation services; legal services; mediation.
LLC Business Administration and Legal Services Office has a good reputation and extensive experience in corporate bankruptcy administration. We provide business and personal bankruptcy administration services. Our activities are based legitimacy, professionalism, honesty, loyalty and effectiveness. We are sweeping...
Realm Juridical
Address: Laisvės pr. 115A-57, LT-06119 Vilnius.
Categories: debt recovery; legal services.
UAB „REALM JURIDICAL“ – a legal firm that provides you with assistance when solving the most complicated legal problems to be resolved only by experienced and high-quality attorneys in the appropriate area of law. Our legal firm provides services in all legal fields. We provide services either to physical or legal...
Creditreform Lietuva
Address: A. Jakšto g. 9-225, LT-01105 Vilnius.
Categories: information supply; debt recovery; export; finance services; legal services.
Address: Kovo 11-osios g. 29-43, Grigiškės, LT-27110 Vilnius.
Categories: legal services; consulting services; debt recovery.
Aranausko advokatų profesinė bendrija NEXUS
Aranauskas Law Firm NEXUS

Address: Konstitucijos pr. 12-222, 5 korpusas, LT-09308 Vilnius.
Categories: legal services; audit; debt recovery; examination and analysis.
Mokėjimų priežiūros tarnyba

Address: Konstitucijos pr. 21, LT-08130 Vilnius.
Categories: debt recovery; finance services; legal services.
Paulavičius ir Partneriai
Address: Vilniaus g. 6-9, Kybartai, LT-70415 Vilkaviškio r.
Categories: investing activities; accounting services; debt recovery; legal services.
Planas chuliganas
Address: Žemaitės g. 21-101, LT-03118 Vilnius.
Categories: advertising services; connection and telecommunication services; debt recovery; information supply.
Address: Švitrigailos g. 11B, LT-03228 Vilnius.
Categories: debt recovery; finance services; legal services.
We all are connected. Everyday, with thousands of others we exchange thoughts, values, knowledge and money. These, are viable flows that connect all of us. Thus, if a bill is not paid on time, it affects all of us – the chain breaks. Every year, there are more and more people, who take on loans, without making а...
Address: Parko g. 22-7, LT-11214 Vilnius.
Categories: customs services, customs; debt recovery; legal services; logistics services; mediation; transportation; warehouses.
VanTra Ltd. was established on February 13, 1998. Our actions of the custom intercede have begun in 1998. The firm is warmly welcoming the new clients and offer them a new system of the logistics services,containing a carriage of the goods, the wares,an insure, and the customs intercede. The main action of our...
Vienas, du, trys

Address: Laisvės pr. 78B-214, LT-05263 Vilnius.
Categories: company establishment; accounting services; debt recovery; legal services.
Our services: Company establishment, sale, reorganization of companies; Debt prevention and recovery; Accounting; Employment of foreigners: temporary residence permit for work, working visas; Legal assistance in business law matters.
Address: Taikos g. 98-27, LT-05219 Vilnius.
Categories: consulting services; debt recovery; legal services.

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