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uab skuba

Address: V. A. Graičiūno g. 36, LT-02241 Vilnius.
Categories: export, import, oil and lubricants, tires, rims, truck sales, parts, service.
Šiaulių skuba
Address: Išradėjų g. 8, LT-78148 Šiauliai.
Categories: export, import, oil and lubricants, tires, rims, truck sales, parts, service.
Marijampolės skuba
Address: Vasaros g. 19, LT-68114 Marijampolė.
Categories: oil and lubricants.
UAB "Klaipėdos Skuba"
Address: Pramonės g. 3, LT-94102 Klaipėda.
Categories: oil and lubricants, tires, rims, truck sales, parts, service.
Kauno Skuba
Address: Garažų g. 18, LT-51120 Kaunas.
Categories: oil and lubricants.
Panevėžio skuba
Address: J. Janonio g. 1, LT-35101 Panevėžys.
Categories: oil and lubricants.
Utenos skuba
Address: J. Basanavičiaus g. 122, LT-28241 Utena.
Categories: oil and lubricants.
Stilinga Ugnis, Skūba Salonas
Address: Vilnius.
Categories: building materials, fireplaces, stoves, furniture (trade).
Address: Elektrėnų g. 1R, LT-51191 Kaunas.
Categories: auto services, car parts, junk yards.
Address: Sandėlių g. 11, Linksmakalnis, LT-53290 Kauno r.
Categories: agriculture, machinery, auto services, car parts, machinery, equipment, rental, metal, processing, products, truck sales, parts, service.
Address: Kalniškės g. 2B, LT-62175 Alytus.
Categories: car parts, tools.
Address: J. Kubiliaus g. 16, LT-08236 Vilnius.
Categories: oil and lubricants, truck sales, parts, service.

Address: Taikos pr. 135, LT-51129 Kaunas.
Categories: auto cosmetic, materials, car parts, truck sales, parts, service.
The main activities of ECOBALTIC company: wholesale and retail trade in all new parts for trailers, semi-trailers and trucks, lubricants. The company supplies trailer parts to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and service centers...
Address: Sėlių g. 39, LT-08109 Vilnius.
Categories: children goods, dishes and cutlery, entertainment and leisure, event organization, gifts, souvenirs, online stores, paper and its products, retail, tare, packings, wholesale.
Poilsis ir mes
Address: A. Goštauto g. 8-206, LT-01108 Vilnius.
Categories: entertainment and leisure, tourism, travels, services.

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Bank of Lithuania, 2016-10-25

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