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Company UAB Sostransa

UAB Sostransa

Krovinių pervežimai į Šveicariją

Registration code 302830720
VAT LT100007050310
Manager Šarūnas Klimavičius, direktorius
Address Palemono g. 167A, LT-52108 Kaunas
Phone Uab Sostransa Phone
Mobile phone Uab Sostransa Mobile phone
Email address Contact by email »
Website http://www.sostransa.lt
Employees 15 employees (insured)
SS insurer code 2173968
Turnover 2015: 500 001 - 1 000 000 EUR Historical turnover »
Transport 2016-04: 12 cars (9 owns, 3 uses)
7.9 / 10 (votes 54)

Information on the company:
SOSTRANSA UAB provides load transportation services from Lithuania to Switzerland.

The company provides all transportation and logistics services related to Switzerland; namely Express Transport, dangerous loads (ADR), storage and all Customs services.

Prompt and reliable carrying and delivery.



Most of our clients often get into various situations and loads have to be transported in unbelievably short time. Only some companies on the market can offer the so called non-stop service. That means that we are constantly racing on the way, carrying loads on non-stop mode - changing drivers and trucks from the loading place to the delivery destination and this enables us to avoid drivers’ rest regime planning and saves time. The results justify and assure great safety, as You load is always on the move.


All company’s drivers and trucks do have the right to carry dangerous ADR loads, all types of them from 1st to 9th class.


SOSTRANSA offers storage services in Switzerland, Germany and Lithuania, all our warehouses work 24 hours per day.


Efficient orders and documents managing services (EX1, T1, T2 declarations) on all borderline posts throughout Switzerland and other countries. In Lithuania we provide wide spectrum of export procedures, related to export - import to Russia and other Eastern countries.


13,6 and 15,6 cover meters toutliner tent DAF trucks, 15 palet trucks with lifters and 14 cubic meters buses for extra urgent deliveries.

Dealing with SOSTRANSA UAB we will forget any problems of special loads delivering, do not hesitate to contact us, if you need special, exclusive delivery.

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